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Date of publication:
February 6th, 2024

Effective date:
February 6th, 2024

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes how Numiru, LLC (the “Company”) collects, processes, stores, transfers, or otherwise utilizes your information. Numiru, LLC is the data controller with respect to this Privacy Policy, although some of our Services may be provided by third-parties who may also serve as data controllers with respect to your interactions with those third-parties and their associated product offerings. Throughout this Privacy Policy, the terms “Numiru,” “we,” “us,” “our,” and “ours” shall refer to the Company. The terms “you,” “yourself,” “your,” and “yours” shall refer, both jointly and severally, to you, the person or entity accessing our Services, as well as any organization or entity you represent or under whose authority you are accessing the Services. Any capitalized terms not otherwise defined within this Privacy Policy shall have the meaning associated with them that appears in our Terms of Service, which together with any other rules, statements, and agreements expressly referenced herein or within those Terms of Service shall be refered to collectively as the “Terms.”

The headings of the various sections of this Privacy Policy have been added for convenience or reference purposes only and shall not be construed as part of the agreement between you and the Company. Throughout this Privacy Policy, the words “such as,” “example,” “examples,” “include,” “includes,” and “including” shall not be limiting or exclusoniary in nature, and their use shall not be construed as establishing an exhaustive list of the subject or subjects they pertain to.

Information We Collect About You

We collect information about you in a number of ways, including (i) when you provide us with information directly; (ii) when we obtain information through automated means throughout your use of our Services, communications systems, or physical facilities; (iii) when information is provided to us through client software or other communications systems or platforms throughout your use of our Services, and (iv) when we collect information relating to you from third-party sources. Below, we provide further explanations regarding the types of information we work with and how and why we utilize such information.

Categories of Information We May Collect About You

The categories of information we collect about you, examples of information within each category, and lists of potential sources of the respective information are provided below.

Information Category Examples Possible Sources
Identity Information Names, Nicknames, Online IDs, Mailing Addresses, Email Addresses, Phone Numbers, Social Media Handles, Social Media URLs, Online Profile Addresses Directly From You
Financial Institutions and Payment Providers
Third-Party Authenticators
Third-Party Service Providers
Authentication Data Usernames, Passwords, Third-Party Authentication Data, Challenge Question or Image Responses Directly From You
Third-Party Authenticators
Protected Characteristics Age, Gender, Pronouns Directly From You
Third-Party Authenticators
Financial Information Payment Card Numbers, Third-Party Payment Provider Data, Bank Account Details, Gift Card Numbers, Payment Method Expiration Dates, Payment Method Verification and/or Security Codes, Billing Addresses Directly From You
Financial Institutions and Payment Providers
Third-Party Authenticators
Third-Party Service Providers
Browsing- and Networking-Related Data Network Request Data, Packet Data, Browsing or Search Histories, Network or Mobile Identifiers, Request Headers, Referrer Information Directly From You
Client Software
Network and Communications Providers
Operating Systems and Platforms
Audio and/or Visual Data Phone Call Recordings, Video Recordings (e.g., within and around our physical locations) Directly From You
Client Software
Network and Communications Providers
Operating Systems and Platforms
Third-Party Service Providers
Social Data Social Connections, Shared Contents, Data Provided by You Relating to Other Persons or Entities Directly From You
Operating Systems and Platforms
Social Networks
Third-Party Authenticators
Third-Party Service Providers
Commercial Information Details about the products and services you purchase or utilize Directly From You
Data Analytics Providers
Financial Institutions and Payment Providers
Operating Systems and Platforms
Third-Party Service Providers
Other Data You Provide Any other information or content of any kind that you voluntarily provide to us throughout your access to or use of our Services or physical locations Directly From You
Financial Institutions and Payment Providers
Social Networks
Third-Party Authenticators
Third-Party Service Providers
Data Derived from Other Data Recommendations or inferences based on any of the information mentioned above, possibly combined with data from third-party sources Derived From Other Data

Descriptions of the “Sources” values from the previous table are provided in the space that follows:

Source Description
Directly From You Information you supply directly throughout your use of the Services, our communications systems, or our physical locations
Client Software Information supplied by the software applications you use to connect to the Services
Data Analytics Providers Software or third-party providers we work with in order to analyze the data we store
Financial Institutions and Payment Providers Banks, card processors, merchant services providers, payment gateways, and so forth
Network and Communications Providers The entities that provide the networking and communications services that allow you to access our Services or communications systems
Operating Systems and Platforms Software platforms, infrastructure, servers, log systems, firewalls, and other applications or services we rely upon to operate the Services
Social Networks Data retrieved from linked or publicly available social networking profiles
Third-Party Authenticators Third-party services that are relied upon to authenticate users of our Services
Third-Party Service Providers Third-party services that we rely upon to operate our Services, such as ecommerce software providers, point of sales system providers, survey administrators, and so on
Derived From Other Data Data that is developed or refined from other information we store

Purposes for Which We Collect, Use, Share, Sell, or Transfer Your Information

We do not sell your information directly, nor do we directly share your information for cross-context behavioral advertising, though third-parties that we work with may do so based on their business practices and respective privacy statements.

We may collect, use, or transfer your information for the purposes of (A) providing the Services to our users; (B) performing any services you request of us throughout your use of the Services; (C) allowing third-party service providers to perform or operate services on our behalf; (D) promoting our Services; (E) communicating with you and other parties in connection with our Services or your account; (F) auditing or analyzing the Services or any data stored within them or otherwise available to them; (G) to provide social features that you may choose to participate in; (H) to create or offer recommender systems or other services that benefit from the availability of and access to existing user data; (I) to debug or investigate errors or other issues relating to the Services; (J) for internal business processing, reporting, research, and development; (K) for generating statistics or other aggregate forms of data relating to our Services or the Company; (L) to help ensure the security and integrity of the Services; (M) for monitoring the Services, our communications systems, or our physical locations; (N) for the moderation or curation of user contents or information; (O) for logging interactions with the Services or maintaining any other records regarding the use of the Services or our communications systems; (P) to prevent risk and fraud; (Q) to cooperate with law enforcement; (R) for purposes for which we are legally required to disclose such information; (S) for running surveys or otherwise soliciting user feedback; (T) for processing your in-store purchases; (U) for providing various digital features and functionality within our physical locations; (V) for organizing and facilitating in-person or online events; and (W) for customer service or support follow-up reasons.

Your Control of Your Information and Contents

Information that you provide through our Services can often be accessed, corrected, modified, or removed within the Services directly through the various tools and instruments they provide.

Residents of certain jurisdictions may have rights under the laws of those jurisdictions relating to accessing, editing, or deleting their user contents or other information. They may also have rights relating to restricting or withdrawing the information sharing consents they have provided or for receiving information on how their information was processed or transferred. When responding to any such requests, we shall have the right to verify your identity. For verification purposes, we may require your request to be sent via the email address registered to your account, we may require that such request be accompanied by a photo of you presenting a valid state identification card that is clearly visible and legible within the photo, and/or we may require certain other information we deem necessary, at our sole discretion. Further, we may make use of third-party services to collect and verify relevant identification documents from you. You agree that we may retain a record of all such requests and any information or contents they contain and that these records shall not be subject to any requests involving access, editing, or deletion.

If an authorized agent is making a request on your behalf, as may be allowed under certain circumstances and in certain jurisdictions, that authorized agent must provide us with a copy of the agreement that was executed to establish the agent relationship, which must be signed by you. In addition, both the authorized agent and yourself shall be required to undergo verification in accordance with the previous paragraph.

By accessing or using our Services, you represent, warrant, and agree that you will only provide User Content or information that you believe is necessary for us to provide our Services, necessary for ensuring the security and integrity of the Services, or which there is otherwise a compelling legal reason to provide. If at any time you do not understand why User Content or information is being requested or provided, you may contact us for clarification. If you choose not to contact us or still do not understand why the User Content or information is being requested or provided, your options are limited. If such User Content or information is optional, do not provide it. If such User Content or information is required, cease any and all access to and use of the Services immediately, as such access and use requires fully understanding and agreeing to our Terms.

Links to certain territory-specific privacy laws, rules, or regulations (collectively, “Privacy Regulations”) are included below. Although we are providing these links as a convenience, we are in no way voluntarily subscribing to the Privacy Regulations they contain or refer to. Certain Privacy Regulations apply only to specific entity types or under a limited number of circumstances which may or may not be relevant with respect these Terms, the Services, or the Company.

California residents may have certain rights under Title 1.81.5, California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018, as well as any revisions thereof. The text of Title 1.81.5 can be accessed via the following web address:

Virginia residents may have certain rights under Title 59.1, Chapter 53, Consumer Data Protection Act. The text of this chapter can be accessed via the following web address:

Data Location and Transfers

Your information and contents are stored on hardware located within the United States of America (and/or other countries when utilizing features or services provided or administered by third-parties) regardless of the country from which your connection, data, or contents originate, and are therefore subject to the laws and jurisdiction of the United States (and/or other countries when utilizing features or services provided or administered by third-parties).

Your data may be transferred to, stored in, or processed in other countries where different data protection laws and standards may apply. Your rights in other countries may be different from your rights in the United States of America or elsewhere.

To understand where third-parties store, transfer, or process your information, review their relevant privacy notices, some of which are linked to within this Privacy Policy.

Data Retention

Any information or other contents we collect may be stored, used, transfered, or otherwise processed by us indefinitely in accordance with the licenses granted within our Terms of Service. Notwithstanding the foregoing, we may offer the ability to remove certain contents via functionality made available within the Services, or through external requests, as described in our Terms of Service. Any contents or information stored within the Services may also be removed or otherwise restricted by us, at our sole discretion.

“Do Not Track” and Related Signals

The software you utilize to access the Services may provide you with the option to enable “Do Not Track” or related signals that are sent alongside your requests. We do not respond to any such signals and do not alter how we handle your requests as a result of them.

Protecting Your Information

We employ reasonable measures to help safeguard the information that is entrusted to us. For example, we use SSL/TLS connections where possible to protect your data in transit, employ firewall technologies to help restrict unauthorized access to our services, and implement a number of security measures to help protect sensitive account data. With that said, data transmissions over the internet are not completely secure, and therefore we cannot guarantee the security or availability of your information at any time. Use of our Services is at your own risk, and you are responsible for implementing adequate personal information safeguards, such as through the use of a strong password, not revealing your account credentials, and so on.

Cookies and Other Local Data Storage

We use cookies or other forms of local data storage to ensure the functionality of our Services. For example, session data may be recorded to your device in order for our Services to be able to identify requests as being associated with your user account.

Certain products, services, or pages that are provided by third-parties may implement additional cookie or other local data storage technologies, including allowing cookie or local data storage by other third-parties. These cookies and other devices may be used to track you or evaluate your behavior, including for marketing purposes. Review the relevant privacy notices of such third-party providers to better understand their practices.

Your client software may provide you with methods for accessing or deleting cookies or other local data storage. Your client software may also allow you to limit the use of third-party cookies, local data storage, or other tracking technologies. Note, however, that restricting certain cookies or local data storage may interfere with your ability to access or use our Services, as some of these technologies are required to ensure proper functionality.

Our Audience

The Services are not intended for use by persons under the age of sixteen (16), and persons who are under the age of eighteen (18) or the age of legal majority within their relevant jurisdiction must use the Services only under the direct supervision of a parent or other legal guardian. Access to or use of the Services by persons under the age of thirteen (13) is strictly forbidden. We do not knowingly collect the information of any persons under the age of thirteen (13).

Change of Ownership or Control

If we sell all or part of our business, or otherwise sell or transfer any of our assets to another party through any means, your information may be transfered to the third party making such a purchase or otherwise receiving such assets.

Third-Party Privacy Notices

For your convenience, below is a list of sources for third-party privacy notices which apply to your use of certain Company offerings. This list may not be exhaustive, so always be sure to check the relevant privacy notices and terms of use statements that accompany the specific features or services you are accessing or otherwise making use of. Web addresses can change over time, so this list may not always reflect the current privacy notices of any of the third-parties mentioned.

Square (for in-store purchases)

Changes to this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be revised from time to time. The date of publication for this Privacy Policy and any subsequent revisions is presented near the top of this document. Any revisions to this Privacy Policy will also bear an effective date, displayed below the date of publication, signifying when the revised policy is to go into effect. In certain cases, the effective date of any revised policy may be less than two weeks from the date of publication, such as if the Company must adapt its Privacy Policy to conform to any law or regulation, or if such revision is necessary to protect the ongoing interests and security of the Company or its owners, affiliates, subsidiaries, officers, directors, employees, vendors, licensors, customers, or relevant third-parties. Prior to the effective date of any revisions to this policy, the previously effective policy shall continue to apply and have full effect. By continuing to access or use the Services after the effective date of any revised policy, you agree to be bound by that revised Privacy Policy.

The most current version of our Privacy Policy will always be available at You agree that you will monitor the web address provided for any changes to this Privacy Policy and that the posting of any revisions to this Privacy Policy at the aforementioned web address is sufficient notice of any changes to this Privacy Policy. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company may, at its sole discretion, choose to notify current registered account holders through email regarding any changes to this Privacy Policy.

Contact Information

To contact Numiru, LLC, we encourage you to use any contact functionality presented within the Services to expedite your inquiry. The physical mailing address for Numiru, LLC is provided below. Note, however, that we may not be able to respond to every inquiry received at the below mailing address, we make no promises with respect to turnaround times if we do choose to respond, and we are not under any obligation to open or review any mailings received, except as required by law, such as for official service of process.

Our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy apply to any and all mail sent to Numiru, LLC, whether physical or electronic in nature.

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